Car insurance: the comparator online is

price comparison online car insuranceThe comparators allow online a quick comparison and are considered, according to the sample interviewed, reliable and useful. Less than 20% considers them as a sort of advertising container not suitable to offer complete solutions. In addition to the price comparison online the be sure use:

Positive results for the mobile sector: the 20% of the insured states to use their smartphone to communicate with your the company. A trend of ups and downs that reaches the 30% for customers of the companies direct and 18% for traditional ones. Andrea Giovenali CEO of Nextplora, declares:

Car insurance: beware of companies ghost

car insurance companies ghostHow to protect yourself then?

It is well to remember that any motor vehicle registered in Italy, must necessarily be insured by companies with registered office in Italy or by foreign companies authorized in the Country of origin and be approved in Italy under the right of establishment (with a permanent office) or freedom to provide services (without a stable home).

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