L'Arena, Rita Pavone contro le polemiche sulla giuria di Sanremo: "Gli esclusi non hanno fatto autocritica"

Continuano le polemiche sui grandi esclusi dal Festival di Sanremo 2017. Manco a dirlo a riaccenderle è l’Arena di Giletti. Nel segmento Protagonisti di oggi era ospite Rita Pavone che, in qualità di componente della giuria di qualità, ha così risposto alla provocazione del conduttore:

“Io sono rimasta basita. Come si fa a polemizzare? E’ come impallinarsi da soli. Il modo di votare è stato molto pulito. Il Presidente della giuria era Giorgio Moroder, tre premi Oscar e non ha fatto solo Maniac, ma anche Take my breath away e altre ballate bellissime. Non puoi dire che non abbia la capacità di dire ciò che è bello e brutto. Poi c’era il dj più famoso d’Italia e io ho 55 anni di esperienza…”.

La Pavone si è detta sconcertata lei stessa per l’unanimità di giudizio sull’esclusione di Ron, Al Bano e Gigi D’Alessio.

“Io credevo che ci fosse un suffragio di voti per questi pilastri della musica italiana e sono rimasta basita che tutti, noi della giuria di qualità e demoscopica, ci siamo comportati in maniera lineare. Io penso che forse bisognerebbe farsi un po’ di autocritica”.

Il cantante partenopeo aveva polemizzato duramente contro la sua esclusione.

Car insurance and car accident: what you need to know

car insurance accident

If you have had an accident, you have invested people, or you have caused damage to things, know that according to the Civil Code (art. 2054), you must compensate for the damage, unless you can prove have done anything to avoid it.

Instead, if you have invested a pawn, unless you can really prove that it was his behavior wrong on the road to make you unable to avoid the accident, you will have to repay the damage 100%.

You have the following personal injury? In this case, you have 3 months to lodge a complaint against the person responsible. Also applies if you do not know who are responsible, in this case will be to the road Victims Fund to provide compensation.

According to the Court of Cassation responsibilities for the physical damage caused to the so-called “third delivered” following an accident, is presumed to be always assigned to the person driving the car on which he is travelling, unless there is evidence to the contrary.

According to what the Law says, the insurance company must make you an offer of compensation within 60 days, within the 30-if there is the Blue Form signed by all drivers involved, within 90 if there are physical damages to people. This is true if, in fact, the vehicles involved are two.

Scams car insurance: a tradition hard to die

fraud insurance

Here is most used in spite of controls and the possible sanctions.I live in city X, my cousin of the fifth degree lives in the city Y, with possible variations:

It is a classic that provides for the reporting of a theft that never occurred, that is, of a a vehicle that has been already removed, or sold in foreign Countries.

Comes from the incorrect compilation of forms, and you may also complaint for false self-certification.

Is the scam with the methodology more simple. Accentuate an ailment or pain following an accident, asking, then, is a compensation for these days of “illness”. The classic is the whiplash or back pain, maybe after a rear-end collision.

Car insurance: half a million French does not

The admission that the French archives are not so structured and precise, is indirectly Francois Werner, director general of the fund in question:

Certainly not precise data but are the same as the French probably consider an approximate number of 500 thousand cars (a sort of average downward between 370 thousand and 750 thousand.

According to the director himself, the motivation that push a motorist in the French to drive without a insurance are of three types: the economic difficulty in paying the annual fee, no ability to move (maybe because without a license or with a suspension of the same), or who decides that, since little guidance, makes no sense to enter into a insurance contract.

What to do immediately after a car accident

what to do after an accident

Have you been involved in a a road accident and do not know how to behave? Here is a brief guide on what to do immediately after the accident and in the days following.

Do not beat around the bush because you only have 3 days to put the procedure in motion. is Not should you go? do Not worry, you can also send a registered letter with return receipt. In general, even if your insurance does not the expected, it is always better to do a communication in writing.

However, there are 3 months if you have suffered injury during an accident.

If you accept the offers you are made, you should receive the compensation of within 15 days.

Car insurance: looking for the repair shops

car insurance repair shops

The main clause concerns conventions between insurance companies and auto body shops. In essence, the clause concerning this situation strongly encourages the customer to contact in case of left to body repair shop agreement and not to your own trusted body shop.

Car insurance: the history of Kevin Magnussen

Even if old, is a rather curious and singular, that which concerns Kevin Magnussen, the young pilot ex-McLaren and now Renault.

the Kevin Magnussen had to give up his benefits by returning the car. The hoax came, however, after some time, when a company proposed his insurance but, at that point, the boy had already returned the car to the house mother.

Car insurance and warranties: the policy crystals

car insurance policy with crystals

You should not use a blog as useful as the 6sicuro to tell personal stories, but this is misleading. In 2009, I was in Patagonia, I hired a Jeep and I have traveled six thousand miles on the dirt roads, the desert, full of stones, I forded streams and passed the truck that had the bad habit of crushing the stones of the dirt road with those big wheels and let them squirt the speed is indecent from every part.

As an event, then, is not so rare as we think: in Italy every year over a million and a half vehicles suffer damage to the crystals. Then jella, yes, but up to a certain point.

A council: clauses related to the Warranty Crystals are not all the same, so always read well the contract that you are going to subscribe to.