Prices car insurance 2017: why are they on the rise?

prices car insurance 2017

Last December, we registered a slight increase of the rates on car insurance. If we consider the December 2015, which saw the best average price on a national scale, and position on the 554,18 euro, you went off to climb up to touch the 563,10 euros of April 2016.

A price that has reached a new peak in November, with well-572,54 euro. From then on it is returned to descend until December 2016 where the average price has stabilized on the 562,76 euro. These oscillations are not surprising. In fact, in 2015, the variation was similar, with prices, however, have reached the lowest point in may.

This increase applies in all regions? Not really

According to our data is from 2014, rates continue to come down, especially thanks to some of the items:

Have also changed some internal rules to the insurance sector:

When can we have some data of what has been said? At the end of April beginning of may, when the companies will close the financial statements and make notes of the changes on both the cost of claims and their frequency.

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